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Tak finds himself exhausted from trying to help everyone in his village. He decided to use his Juju magic to create little helpers called Hackies. But when these little critters became unruly and then unexpectedly multiplied into hundreds, they invaded both the Pupununu village and the Juju realm causing havoc and devastation. Now Tak must do all he can to get rid of the troublemakers and restore balance to both worlds!


  • Cast spells and mix alchemical ingredients using the touch screen!
  • Flip the DS sideways to play in the magical Juju realm
  • Share ingredients with other players to create special spell "recipes"
  • Dodge Ball Mini Game - Use the stylus to throw balls to defeat the Cage Juju
  • Chase Mini Game - Avoid obstacles to escape the Belly Juju
  • Block Buster - Pop the clouds to get to the Juju world
Boxart of Tak Mojo Mistake (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ