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About 12.000 years ago, the kingdom of Atlantis was a flourishing island and a top-notch holiday paradise without equal. Bright sunshine, warm and clear water, and an average temperature of +30 degree Celsius... Until... the chickens a.k.a. Moorhühner invaded...

They came in swarms and savaged Atlantis like a locust infestation. Since the shotgun has not been invented yet, the islanders only saw one way out: to hide themselves and their endangered homeland from the annoying poultry in the depths of the ocean. After discovering a mysterious compass, Mr. Moorhuhn (the protagonist of the game) starts on an adventurous journey to locate the sunken kingdom and - literally - get to the bottom of the mystery of Atlantis' disappearance.

Boxart of Moorhuhn: Atlantis (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Phenomedia
Publisher: JoWooD Productions