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The main character of the game is a Rubber-Dubber. The Dubbers are a peaceful tribe of small furry beings, descendents of the forest fairies that have grown without wings and so they live on the ground. They feed on tree bark and hunt the parasites that infest trees from their forest, so, in their society, along the way; some families of expert tree climbers have risen.

They are at the top of the society, the ruling class as they are the ones that bring food to their people. Our character is called "Rubb'e'Rang" of the Rang family, the one closest to the King of all Dubbers, Ruler of Dubberia.

Rubb has been trained all his life to become the best climber is the tribe, by both his father and, secretly by the forest fairies, as his best friend is a forest fairy he met one day as a young child training by himself. She is called "Petal". She is beautiful as most of the fairies are and she wears soft pale pink and yellow petals. She has multicoloured wings like a butterfly. Petal is also a high born child in the fairy society.

In his training Rubb has come to attain great climbing skills, and, as of game start, he can climb almost anything, reaching as high as a fairy can fly given something to support himself. He was given one day as a gift from the Queen of the Fairies, The Sorceress of the Leaf, a magical hand that can extend, so he can reach higher than any Dubber.


  • Help Dubber find his way through 90 levels of pure fun and adventure.
  • Highly stylized graphics with slick animations
  • More than 15 enemies and complex bosses to defeat
  • Win Prizes by collecting the bonus' on offer
  • Stunningly realistic physics and animations
Boxart of Dubbers Adventure (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Newrosoft
Publisher: Lexicon Entertainment