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We're not even halfway though the year yet and already the DS scene appears to be saturated with movie tie-ins. Like many gamers of my age though, we have a bit of a soft spot for The Hulk and it's not because of the rather average Ang Lee movie. No, for me it's all about Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno because these were the two actors who burst onto our TV screens every Saturday evening and brought the impossible to life. After episode one I was hooked and for the next three or four years everyone I knew had this secret inner rage which was just bursting to get out. I'm almost afraid to see the new movie with its cutting edge effects and superior acting but hey this is all about the game and we know how most movie tie-ins turn out. Hopefully this one will be a little different...


It's difficult to make The Incredible Hulk sound interesting and that's because it isn't. Well, it isn't if you want anything more than simple destruction in your gameplay. The action starts out in Alaska and over ten levels you must punch, kick and body slam your way through gunmen intent on stopping you. They can occasionally be a little tricky to get past and, annoyingly, once you are unlucky enough to lose all your health it's back to the beginning. Most things can generally be overcome by a rage attack that can be activated as soon as you've managed to fill your rage-meter up. Unfortunately it will sometimes run dry at just the wrong moment, causing you to (you guessed it) restart the level. There are some end of level bosses but they're generally so dumb you are likely to beat them on the first or second attempt. There's no story as such so after getting though the Alaskan levels you suddenly find yourself in Brazil, five years later, with no explanation as to how you got there. Blackouts perhaps? Given that this is inspired by a movie (presumably with a plot) it's surprising that there's been no attempt at storytelling, which may at least have extended the gameplay a little. There is a Multiplayer option but given that it requires a second copy of the game you are hardly likely to experience it.


While the general moves are self-explanatory, some of the more complicated combos can be a little more difficult to pull off. Fortunately there's always help at hand thanks to the handy on-screen text. Unfortunately this doesn't realize just when it's being overly helpful so even when you are battling through the fifteenth, or so, level you are still reminded of what to do.


More GBA than anything approaching the DS so while the polygon characters move realistically, everything is far too small for its own good. Incredibly, even with these tiny characters, there's still some slowdown, which is unforgivable really.


While the music is good it's also repetitive and does start to irritate far too quickly. The sound effects are a little dull and the constant roar and smashing does little to elevate the gameplay. There is some nice voiceover work bolted onto the front end but this feels more like an afterthought than something designed for this version of the game.

Dual screen

Options only but the bottom screen does double as a handy map during the game.

Final comments

There are simply too many glitches and corners cut in this game to convince any gamer that the developers have really tried. Everything from the poor storytelling to the rather bland and uninspiring gameplay mechanics scream: 'phoned in'. There are some highlights, both the animation and level design are nice but this isn't nearly enough to rescue a game destined for immediate discounts and the bargain bin. Even if you do find enjoyment from the Rampage rip off it's all over far too soon with the end of level bosses providing little in the way of a challenge. Usually we end with 'only consider buying if you are a fan of the movie' but even here I'd consider asking for a try before handing over any cash.

Pro: Great Level Design and Destructible Environments.
Con: Average Visuals and Little Focus on Plot of any Description. Lack of Variety in the Gameplay Department.
Final score: 4.8


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Boxart of Incredible Hulk (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Developer: Amaze Entertainment