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Boxing games are something you think would have spawned all about with the Nintendo Wii with it having a control layout that would make it feel like a good well controled title. Unfortuantely however we have only seen a few boxing titles with none being to exciting or enjoyabe. EA however may have finally released a boxing title worthwhile of being picked up. Facebreaker K.O. Party is the latest title from EA sports which had a rough beginning on the PS3 & 360 being ignored and not well received. However a release on the Nintendo Wii it may have found a suitable home that offers a great control system.


For a boxing title K.O. Party is a title that will seem shallow and simple to the hardcore gamer while casuals will thoroughly enjoy it a lot more. The game has a similar theme to the greatest boxing titles, Ready to Rumble 2 & Punch-Out!, but is it as great? Containing four gameplay modes, two multiplayer and two singleplayer, some gamers will find it disappointing that two of those modes are the same. The two that are the same would be multiplayer that really give different options on how you go about playing the title, one with you choose the fighters and arena and with the other multiplayer layout being rather more random with who you are and who you fight.

Singleplayer mode is where it is all at, if you have no friends to play this game that is otherwise your looking at a short gameplay experience. Arcade mode is the main mode where you choose from a set of a boxers who are each unique with their style, attitude and facebreaking skills. Gamers would find themselves competiting for a few boxing titles while unlocking characters, you would think it would be that easy to beat all your opponents and win the titles, it isn't. One of the most disappointing things within this title, that would put off the hardcore gamer, is that the opponents AI is not only a little to tough but they repeatedly do the same things over and over. Although this might seem like it could make the game easier knowing what your opponent will do it really isn't as some AI continously block all your moves and manage to sneak in a punch when you literally don't expect it. This of course will frustrate many, like I found myself very frustrated, as rather than having a great boxing match I have a very shallow opponent.


The game's main goal is to, if you can, break your opponents face with your finishing move which has you automatically win the fight. Problem is however it is difficult to get in those facebreaking moves with opponents that are programmed not to let you do this to often. Other special moves are also available each doing their own level of damage and can only be pulled off after a successful combo with no intrusion from the opponent, which is again difficult with the opponents who only block. The game's controls see you using the WiiRemote and Nunchuk in each respective hand in a boxing motion and just boxing away. Although the controls sound like they would work really well and since they should you great really pull off 1:1 motion punches with boxers only able to do a limited variety of punches, no matter how you swing the WiiRemote or Nunchuk.


Graphics within this game are surprisinly good, and very similar to the PS3 & 360 versions, however with that said however the character models are very similar to a Barbie or Ken doll in terms of having a plastic feel about them. The stages and fights themselves are also well animated but disappointingly all you can do in a fight is fight with no options for taunting or anything else. Throughout the fight however as you or your opponent smash the other boxer gamers will notice that the person being beaten on is having a face showing great damage to it, which of course is probably the only damage you will see.


Characters all contain their own voices, which add to their style, as before you fight them they pay you out with their decent accents and when you beat them or they beat you they either complain about their very damaged face or pay you out some more. The game's music is made up of an average soundtrack with no memorable songs.

Final comments

Facebreaker K.O. Party is a decent title that EA have put out on the Nintendo Wii but it doesn't live upto Ready to Rumble 2 or Punch-Out!. With it's very limited options and no online hardcore gamers won't find much in here with predictable AI and sometimes impossible fights. Casual gamers will have a blast with this title and if they have friends to play with then they will find the multiplayer modes acceptable and enjoyable. Overall Facebreaking is only for the selected few.

Pro: Breaking Faces, Good Graphics, Multiplayer, Boxers Unique
Con: Controls Sometimes Aren't Great, Aimed More To Casual Crowd, No Online, Very Shallow
Final score: 7


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Platform: Wii
Genre: Sports
Developer: Electronic Arts
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