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From time to time we see the release of a game that is based on both great, and not so great, game shows that usually turn out to be lackluster titles. 1 vs. 100 is the latest gaming show to become a game, this particular case a Nintendo DS title, but is it as exciting as the show?


1 vs. 100 contains three game modes such a 1 vs. 100, 1 vs. 100 Poker and a third mode. All three modes are very similar at what they offer but are all flawed in their own way. When gamers play the 1 vs. 100 mode it is exactly the same as the tv series asking questions, eliminating people and giving you lifelines. The problem is however are the questions. Gamers will find that questions asked throughout the game are things they really wouldn't know due to the absolute randomness of the questions and some aren't even questions but rather statements that add confusion as to what the answer could possibly be. As you progress through the 1 vs. 100 mode people will slowly be eliminated, if you can answer those hard questions, and once you reach the final 10 gamers will be in a struggle as people aren't eliminated as fast and you may be out of lifelines.

The other modes are also similar to 1 vs. 100 but are based on a point system which is greatly flawed and frustrating. The 1 vs. 100 Poker is really what many would find a waste of time due to it's layout. This mode sees you betting a set amount of money, three options to choose from, and you verse the CPU. However you need to bet money the fastest to answer the question first and even if you do it within a second the CPU manages to always beat you. Another problem is not once did I see the CPU bet any other amount of money other than $5,000 and they usually got the questions right causing you to lose.


Using the stylus primarily it is used only to select answers to questions or other options, other than that noting else occurs.


1 vs. 100 is a game that doesn't really contain graphics other than the 100 people which are tiny pixelated people and the host, who is surprisingly well animated and is the only thing that stands out in the game. Other than that however there really is nothing else.


This is a game that uses the exact same music found within the tv show, which really isn't the greatest music to listen to over and over again. The host however is not only well animated but has a voice over as well, which is very limited, but still something good to have even if it is taken from the show also.

Dual screen

Not much effort has been put into dual screen use either as the bottom screen is used mostly to select answers to questions while the top screen contains the 100 people to show how many are left and how many are eliminated.

Final comments

1 vs. 100 is missing one thing as a game that only the show has which is the atmosphere of the people cheering and screaming and the tension. This game however fails to deliver on that, which would be quite difficult. The game has managed to provide a variety of questions and statements, with some being extremely random and difficult. Other modes such as 1 vs. 100 Poker aren't a good addition either due to the CPU being really hard to defeat and the flaws it contains. If your a diehard 1 vs. 100 fan that I can recommend this game to you but really this a title that many shouldn't bother with.

Pro: Similar to Show, Variety of Questions, Host Well Animated
Con: Questions Difficult & Vague, Not as Exciting as Show, Other Modes Are Flawed and Difficult
Final score: 4


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Boxart of 1 vs 100 (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Quiz
Developer: ECI
Publisher: DSI Games