Deal or No Deal (Nintendo DS) - Description

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A quarter of a million pounds. 22 boxes and no questions... except one: Deal or No Deal?

The eagerly awaited Deal or No Deal NDS Game puts you on the same walk of wealth as contestants on Edmond's award-wining game show broadcast on Channel 4, only this time it's virtual. Maybe the game looks easy from the comfort of your armchair? Here's your chance to prove you've got what it takes!

The basis of the game is the same as in the TV Show: the player is presented with 22 boxes and must select one box to keep for himself that they will only open at the end of the game.

Each box contains an amount of money ranging from 0.01p to a £250,000 but no one knows for sure which one contains what prize.

The player must open each of the boxes in any order per round. After a certain amount are opened, the banker will make a monetary offer for the player's own, still unopened box.

The player can choose to accept the offer for the box and 'Deal' or choose 'No Deal' to continue to play in the hope of a better offer later or more valuable prize when they open their own box.

Boxart of Deal or No Deal (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Quiz
Developer: Gimagin
Publisher: Mindscape