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With its amazing accessibility, Real Football 2008 lets anyone who loves football, regardless of their level, to set the field on fire by performing dribbles, step-overs, centres, and spectacular goals. You're also sure to be totally immersed. You'll play in larger-than-life stadiums, take on players with realistic behaviours, and feel just like you're a real player as you use the microphone and touch screen during the match.


  • Fun and incredible football right from the first minutes of play: Extremely intuitive controls that make it easy for you to put together awesome football feats, regardless of your level, and perform spectacular technical moves (bicycle kicks, step-overs, back-heel, flip flap, lobs, etc.).
  • Innovations that truly take advantage of DS functionalities: Yell into the microphone to influence the referee's decisions. Shoot penalty kicks with the stylus on the touch screen.
  • Graphics and animation that push the limits of immersion and establish a new standard of quality on the DS: Discover the atmosphere of the biggest football fields with nine stadiums that have been modelled down to the smallest details (bleachers, fans, field textures, etc.). Plus, the 3D graphics and animation of the players are copied from the top football players, making you feel like you're attending a real match.
  • Advanced, dynamic artificial intelligence: Your team-mates and opponents adapt your playing style, offering never-before-seen strategy depth. You'll see them run the ball, use defence pressing, or even be replaced based on the decisions that you make.
  • A multi-player mode for an infinite lifespan: Play up to 4 players with several cartridges and start playing in never-ending, unforgettable football tournaments with friends.
Boxart of Real Football 2008 (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Ubisoft