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The Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensations brings the pop star life to girls on the go, in an all new adventure featuring the cheeta-licious Disney Channel stars. Available exclusively for the Nintendo DS, The Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensations takes advantage of the handheld's touch screen and microphone, allowing players to dance with the stylus and sing along to songs from the official Cheetah Girls soundtracks.

Your Choice Live (YCL) has come to town, and by chance the show directors see the Cheetah Girls performing at a dance club. When the Cheetah Girls are offered the opportunity to enter the show's Pop Star Competition, they can not pass it up. It will be a composing-singing-dancing and performing-storm to have everything ready on time. Players will help the Cheetahs practice their unique talents of song-writing, singing, fashion and dance. Players will also take on the role of stylist, selecting new outfits and sharing them with friends.

With an original story that immerses players in a Pop Star Competition, The Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensations is all about friends, fashion and staying true to your dreams.


  • Help Galleria, Chanel, Aqua and Dorinda practice their unique talents of song writing, singing, fashion and dance
  • Use the DS stylus to dance to the official Cheetah Girls soundtrack using streaming audio
  • Sing into the microphone when playing as Chanel, the Cheetah with pipes
  • Unlock new outfits for the Cheetah Girls and share them with friends
  • Use the stylus and microphone with the virtual cell phone to call Galleria's father for help
Boxart of Cheetah Girls: Pop Star Sensations (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Handheld Games
Publisher: Disney Interactive