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Play as the promising younger brother of one of the biggest names in Supercross who was hospitalised in the final race of the World Championships by Team Nemeshisu. It's up to you to take your brother's place and avenge him by claiming the world title. Join the amazing Team Yamaha and work your up through the ranks to become World Champion and take revenge on the evil Team Nemeshisu who hospitalised your brother.


  • Championship Mode lets players take on three distinct Championship Series, each longer and harder than the last.
  • Arcade Mode lets you choose the challenge as you select your bike, track, weather conditions and the number of opponents that you want to take on.
  • Ghost Mode allows you to practice against your best lap time.
  • Realistic tracks feature obstacles such as jumps, whoops and rhythm sections.
  • Variable weather conditions will effect the handling and performance of the bikes.
Boxart of Yamaha Supercross (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Zoo Digital Publishing