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M&M's Break'em combines one of the world's favourite sweets with a classic puzzler to produce a great game on the Nintendo handhelds.

M&M's Break'em puts you in the shoes of one of the famous M&M's characters and it's up to you to overcome the evil Doctor Runch and his dastardly plan to kidnap all the M&M's in crystal cases.


  • Choose one of five M&M's heroes each with their own individual skillset - speed, power and boost - then break the crystals to release the trapped M&M's.
  • Avoid the dangerous skull blocks and other hazards or they will kill your M&M.
  • Easy to use interface makes use of the Nintendo DS's touch screen capabilities.
  • Collect bonuses, such Detonators and Extra Points.
  • Ideal for puzzle fanatics with a sweet tooth.
Boxart of M&Ms Break'em (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Puzzle