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This is fantasy driving to capture the imagination - Mad Max meets Baja racing.

Its uniqueness is in the fact that the stakes are much higher, the aggression and adrenalin required to complete the race by annihilating the opposition make for total destruction, with an arsenal of weapons and plenty of upgradeables.

Races consist of 15 competitors with 3 different teams for each of the 3 variants within each of the 3 classes. There are 3 types of terrain and 3 variants of each which have totally different courses laid out within them. They take place within an arena of approximately 400 sq. metres.

As well as the vehicle performance upgrades, there are 2 main types of weapon. Each has 3 variations for increasing power and accuracy and variants that go from merely forward firing to auto-targeting (homing).


  • Sense the low gravity in the race on the moon!
  • Did you get cut up by an opponent? Blast the guy off the planet with a double salvo of rockets. It's kill or be killed in a duel to the finish.
  • Dodge and weave to avoid the rain of missiles coming your way.
  • Patch, repair and upgrade between races.
  • Upgrades are locked and you have to earn cash to be able to access them
  • Total fantasy racing over varying arenas.
  • Bump-mapping, specular highlights and enhanced lighting.
Boxart of Baja Destruction (Wii)
Platform: Wii
Genre: Racing
Developer: Conspiracy Entertainment