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English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills successfully combines the innovative gaming functions of the Nintendo DS with a strong and effective educational learning tool - providing the perfect way to learn English without the hassle of attending classes. The Nintendo DS touch-screen is used to test writing skills and users are given various dictation exercises to transcribe into English using the stylus and touch-screen. After they have completed the task, the written phrase is analyzed and mistakes in spelling and grammar are then highlighted. The Nintendo DS's voice-recognition function is also utilised when users are asked to read specific phrases aloud.

Depending on performance, users get ranked and all progress is recorded onto a progress chart through the game's in-built calendar, allowing users to keep track of their development and see their improvement over time. Tests include English Training Competition, English Word Test Competition and Dictation Race Competition. The title also allows players to wirelessly share a demo version of English Training with other DS owners.

Boxart of English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills (Nintendo DS)
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: Edutainment
Publisher: Nintendo