Author Topic: Create your style statement with your fashion blazer  (Read 863 times)


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Create your style statement with your fashion blazer
« on: October 18, 2020, 10:08:22 AM »
Create your style statement with your fashion blazer
Every girl should have a perfectly measuring blazer in her wardrobe. Fashion blazers are considered as the most perfect garment to dress you up for every occasion. Be it a casual outfit look, a casual party on a chilly evening, a sudden office conference, or your everyday go-to office look, it suits all. 

Well, all blazers do not fit this specification. To ensure that your fashion blazers serve every requirement, you need to be very specific. The key to making the right purchase is choosing the appropriate color, fabric, and fit. Once you have the right piece of garment in your possession, you can easily pick it to layer your outfit and get an elegant look. Depending on the weather and the requirements of the place you are living in, you can even choose to layer it up with trench coats for women.

Here, you have the top four fashion blazer look from Prestarrs using which you can style yourself and carry an awesome look to the party.
·      With Jeans: Well, you can pair your blazers with denim to add up a dressy touch to your casual look.

·      With trousers: Well, if you are looking for a perfect business, office, or casual look, trousers with blazers can never go out of the league. You can pair it up with white or dark color pants and create an impressive style statement.

·      With trench coats: If you live in a cold climate, blazer would certainly need a layering. You can pair trench coats for women with a blazer by keeping in mind the identical and contrasting color theory and get the most perfect formal yet casual look for your office party.

·      With dress: You can also choose to wear a blazer with your long-forgotten mini dress. It adds up the chic style to your outlook and gives your casual look a semi-formal approach.

You can select for the right design and pattern of blazer available at Prestarrs so that you can pair it up very all your looks. You can pick up canvas shoes or sneakers to get a casual and trendy look. However, if you are looking for a dressy touch, you can pair your blazer look with black pants and silhouettes. Further, you can add up the right accessories like a purse and drape your shoulders with a loosely hanging jacket to look more stylish and modern.