NDS Venture to GameStop

Let DS-x2 put you in the shoes of Gibran and see how he got his Mario Kart DS.

I arrived home, and saw my package on the couch. The D-Link Wireless Router I had ordered came the same day Mario Kart DS came out. What a coincidence!

After watching some Simpsons, I grabbed two $20 bills and took the train to GameStop. It was raining pretty bad! When I got there, there was a kid saying "I want Smackdown vs Raw 2006!" with his mom. The kid was only about 6 years old. His mom questioned "Hmm, and how much does this game cost? 49.99 like all your other games?" I started to chuckle. "Well, if it's not 49.99 can I get it?" Silence... Now the three store clerks were talking about a kid who lit a section of the Nintendo DS games on fire, and stole Sonic Rush.

The clerk came to help the Smackdown lady. She asked "Exactly how much is it?" The man said "$53.40 with tax." The mom repeated it to her son. The kid said "Drats!". She was looking over at the PS2 section and said "Oh, how much is Grand Theft Auto?" The clerk said "$39.99". They both continued with a rant on cursing in the game, and the lady got very angry with her son.

Finally, oh, finally! It was my turn. He looked at my school ID and took Mario Kart out of the glass display case. My face lit up with joy! I took out my money, only to see I only had one $20 bill... I got so angry! Why do bad things always happen to me!?

So I venture back home with a disgruntled mood. I grabbed another $20 and head back to GameStop. I finally got the game, and head back home. It had been 2 hours since I left home! When I came back home, I sighed with relief. I connected to the WFC, but I was unable find any opponents... I tried re-configuring my router, checking my network, etc. I went to NintendoWiFi.com only to see that the service is temporarily down... What luck! On the bright side, the game is very fun. Expect a review sometime soon.

Posted on 16-11-2005 by Gibran DS-x2


  • If you really want to enjoy the underbelly of society just hang out at Gamestop and listen to customers. Its really a joy - I might actually make a reality show out of it ...

    Darkuni (DSR), 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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