NDS Mario Kart DS - Character Theory

Many questions are going through the heads of many gamers desperately waiting for the release of Mario Kart DS. One of our readers has a theory on the characters though...

Tristam Reeves has submitted one of his theories explaining which characters he thinks will be included in Mario Kart DS. Buckle up and start reading: this theory actually has a point.

Tristam wrote:

I have come up with a pretty good solution to who all the characters will be and how the cars will work. Nintendo officially has said there are 16 characters in total, and as for karts we can see in movies that it says kart 1/7 or kart 1/16 in the design mode. Because in two screens we can see Yoshi using the dry bones and Dry Bones himself using it, it is safe to asume that dry bones vehicle can be used by all. Through watching movies and comparing the combination I have come up to a solution that fits the 1/7 and 1/16.

There are 16 karts in total. And the way they work is like so, there are 7 karts each character can chose... but the first one is available only to that character, so: 1. characters kart 2. standard mario kart (just different colours for different players) 3. tractor 4. 4 X 4 big wheels kart 5. dry bones 6. motor bike 7. tank

We can verify these numbers also by comparing movies and screens. If you look carefully at the kart screens you can see for the dry bones cart with yoshi inside it, it says kart 5/7.

The "1" karts for all characters are like so: Mario = F2 car Luigi = vacuum Peach = ? (unknown) Wario = Wario car Toad = mushroom Yoshi = Yoshi egg Bowser= Bowser kart (seen in screens) DK = rhino

Now, what about the remaining 8 hidden characters? Well we already know Waluigi and Dry Bones... now if we take a look at Mario Kart Double Dash and Mario Party 7 (GameCube) we can see a system developing: pairs. So what are the known pairs? - Mario & Luigi - Peach & Daisy - Wario & Waluigi - Toad & Girl Toad - Yoshi & Ostro - Boo & Dry Bones - Koopa Troopa & Bowser - DK & Diddy

Also if you read all available reports, there is one report that said that if you had only one cartridge when playing multiplayer that your icon would be Boo, perhaps this is a hint. Koopa troopa must be in it because he was in the gamecube and SNES version and everyone screamed murder when he was left out of the N64 version ! Ostro was in the gamecube version and is a likely pick for the double of Yoshi and Diddy kong is a definate because he had his own kart racer !!!

The second set of characters will likely take the initial kart of their twin character. So: Waluigi = wario car girl toad = mushroom Ostro = yoshi egg

Although the extra 2 cars to take us up to 16 cars will likely come from: Boo, Koopa Troopa or Diddy as these characters are much lighter than their twins and Boo is going to need some unusual car !

One last thing.. if we look at the history of Mario Kart we see a trend of courses being made in respect to the characters; ie Bowser Castle. So what courses do we have? And what characters sould these reveal? - Luigi mansion = Luigi - Mario Circuit = Mario - Yoshi Circuit = Yoshi - Peach Circuit = Peach - Mushroom Bridge = Toad - DK Pass = DK - Bowser Castle = Bowser - Wario Stadium = Wario - Waluigi pinball = Waluigi - Koopa Beach = Koopa Troopa - Baby Park = baby Mario & Luigi ! - Banshi Boardwalk = Boo

Looks like a pattern to me...

Tristam... you might be right.

Thanks to Tristam Reeves for the theory.

Posted on 27-10-2005 by Dennis


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