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We've acquired a test report containing pictures of the outside and inside of the Nintendo DS. Click to see!

We've acquired a test report containing pictures of the outside and inside of the Nintendo DS.

The document we got our hands on is based on the first publicly introduced version of the Nintendo DS (also known as the E3-edition). Since the device hasn't changed that much (apart from the looks), this might be an interesting read...

Let's start with power supply of the Nintendo DS. Fully charging the Nintendo DS' battery will take about 3 hours. The battery itself can be recharged up to 500 times, using the Nintendo DS AC adapter.

The Nintendo DS AC adapter can be used with, how predictable, the Nintendo DS itself. However, the adapter can also be used to charge the Game Boy Advance SP.

Let us move on to the inside of the Nintendo DS. To do so, we'll first have to remove the casing. And there she is: the main component of the Nintendo DS. Such beauty devine...

If we look closely, we can still see the remains of the original codename of the Nintendo DS: Nitro. 'NTR-CPU-X2A', together with the Nintendo logo printed on both sides of the motherboard in every Nintendo DS unit. We can also see for sure that the D-pad won't function as an analogue stick in any way. Even though the recent videofootage of Tim Symons from Cube-Europe.com playing Metroid DS suggested that the DS reacted on small movements, the existance of normal buttons under the D-pad kill off all such rumours.

For those of you who are interested in seeing how the big companies do their testing, here are three nice photo's of the Nintendo DS being tested on electrical charges, netwroking capabilities and such.

And finally, a word of advice. While playing the Nintendo DS using the wireless multiplayer capabilities, keep at least 22 centimeters of distance from anyone using a heart pacemaker (or so the manual prescribes)...

Posted on 15-08-2004 by Dennis


  • I gotta admit, the docs came through one of the newer forum-visitors. Same article is thus placed on cube-europe.com... about the 500 recharges, the text in the DS manual (conceptual, I guess) is exactly the same as it was in the GBA SP manual. No need to worry there, I think. <img src="images/smileys/1.gif">

    Dennis, 30-11--0001 at 00:00

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